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Raise the Roof offers unique and powerful fundraising programs to help your group reach its goals. By offering products and services that people actually want and need, your group can achieve your desired results much faster than traditional fundraisers. No need to settle for selling popcorn, coupon books, or carwashes.

Raise the Roof has built strategic relationships with industry professionals that are highly rated in their fields. Our partners have agreed to reallocate the money they would have otherwise spent on sales and marketing by funneling those dollars into our fundraising programs. This in turn allows for your group to earn more money faster and easier than what is normally achieved with typical fundraising.

Depending on the time of year and our availability, Raise the Roof offers the following fundraising campaigns:


Everyone is curious to find out if solar energy can save them money, while helping the environment.  With the Raise the Roof Solar Fundraiser your supporters can have a free Solar Assessment performed on their home.  Not only will homeowners learn about the economic benefits, they can do so while helping your group raise funds. 

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Your group will earn $20 for each qualified solar assessment performed by a Raise the Roof Solar Partner.  With just 50 assessments your group has already started the campaign with $1000. But that is just the beginning. For each homeowner in your group that determines solar is right for them, your campaign achieves additional funds based on the size of the systems installed (avg. $400.00 per house). With all of the benefits of solar and with no-cost installation, your campaign could easily achieve fifteen to twenty-five installs equaling approximately $6,000 – $10,000 or more for your group.

There are multiple factors as to whether or not solar will work for a particular home: such as size of the roof, amount of sun exposure, current electric cost etc. With all of these factors included, our Solar Partners have found that, on average, one out of four homes meet these requirements and choose to purchase solar. 


Let’s face it, hail is a common occurrence that affects hundreds of thousands of people all across the country. Vehicles are easily damaged by these storms. Thankfully, with the rise of paintless dent repair, it is easier than ever to remove hail dents. Now your group can turn a negative into a positive with a Raise the Roof paintless dent repair fundraiser. 

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Raise the Roof’s vehicle dent fundraiser makes it easy for your group to reach its goals. For each vehicle that is serviced by a Raise the Roof Auto Partner, your group will earn $100.  With many people having multiple cars per household, along with participating family and friends, it is not difficult to reach 100 vehicles, earning your group $10,000.  Our Auto Partners are experts in paintless dent repair, whom offer both guaranteed satisfaction and deductible forgiveness. All Raise the Roof Auto Partners are members of the National Alliance for Paintless Dent Repair Technicians, insured and bonded.


Cars are not the only thing damaged in a hail storm as roofs cannot be pulled into a garage. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect to have their roof inspected after severe weather and instead wait until they spot a leak which can cost them thousands.

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All insurance companies have a statute of limitations, during which a claim must be filed after a storm. Failure to file a claim in time may result in the homeowner paying for damages out of their own pocket. Now your group can earn earn $20 for each qualified inspection, and an additional $150 for each qualified roof replacement. All Raise the Roof Roofing Partners are members of the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association and carry liability insurance.


Watching the success of your campaigns has never be easier. For each campaign your organization will receive access to an online customized report. With our real-time reporting, you will know the status of each project and the amount of funds raised at any given time! 

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