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We are happy to be involved with this unique fundraiser brought to us by Raise the Roof. By having your vehicle dent repair performed by a Raise the Roof Auto Partner our group receives $100 for each completed repair.



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Will I have to pay my deductible to get my car fixed?

No, our Auto Partners will work with you on your deductible whether you have one vehicle or multiple vehicles.  Our Auto Partners have various ways to ensure you will have very minimal out-of-pocket expense, if not zero dollars out of pocket which is the case the majority of the time.  This assistance can be provided without short-cutting the scope or quality of work.


Should I file a claim before taking my car to the repair shop?

This is the preferred method, your insurance company will set you up with an insurance adjuster to inspect your vehicle and write you a “scope of loss report” detailing all damage needing repair and will also write you a check for those repairs. You then bring the vehicle along with these documents to the appointment you set with our Auto Partner. If you would like assistance with the claims process or you are not sure if you have enough damage to file a claim, you are welcome to set an appointment prior to filing a claim as our Auto Partners are happy to provide claims filing assistance.


What if the Auto Partner finds additional damage not notice by my insurance?

When you bring your vehicle in for repair, our Auto Partner will review the insurance report and look over the entire vehicle, if additional damage is found they will simply provide a supplement to your insurance carrier to ensure that the additional repairs are covered and repaired.


What if I need a rental car while my car is being repaired?

Once you arrive at your appointment a shuttle service is available to take you to the rental car provider that you have chosen.


Do I have to get my vehicle repaired by shop my insurance company suggests?

Absolutely NOT, in fact the practice of insurance companies encouraging their customers to go to a certain service center is referred to as “steering” and has often been under heavy scrutiny.  It has been found in the past that this practice is an attempted by the insurance companies to cut corners and save money.  Additionally, if you have the repair performed by a “preferred shop” they must collect your entire deductible as part of the contractual obligation with the insurance company.  These shops are locked into pre-negotiated pricing with the insurance companies that do not allow for the flexibility in pricing offered by other service providers.


What is paint-less dent repair, or PDR?

PDR is the most non-invasion and cost effective way to return your vehicle to its original factory condition without the use of Bondo, sanding or toxic chemicals. Our Auto Partner use specialized tools and techniques to manipulate the vehicle dents back to the original state.


Will filing a claim for hail damage cause an increase in my insurance rates?

No, hail damage claims are filed under the comprehensive portion of your policy and is considered an “act of God” and therefor will not increase your insurance rates.


Where is the service location for your Auto Partners?

Raise the Roof works hard align the organizations raising funds with us with Auto Partners that are within 10-15 miles of the organization.

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